Honeywell International Leaders, Founders, and Executives: Who Are They?

Honeywell International Leaders, Founders, and Executives: Who Are They?

Honeywell International serves customers in various markets, including aerospace and defense, industrial automation and control, oil and gas, health care, and life sciences. Quality and reliability are the hallmarks of Honeywell’s business, relying on its people to deliver solutions with plenty of functionality. Meet Honeywell International leaders, founders, and executives who continue to make history in the field of engineering, technology, and more!

About Honeywell International

Executive team of Honeywell International, Honeywell executive team

Honeywell International is a leading provider of engineering and technology. It is known for its resiliency during the past years and for turning challenges into impactful processes.

Who Is the Honeywell Founder?

In 1906, Mark Honeywell, an electronic industrialist, founded Honeywell in Wabash, Indiana. It was first known as Honeywell Heating Specialty Co. Incorporated, which specialized in manufacturing hot water generators as a part of its heating and plumbing businesses. He was the first president and CEO of the eponymous Honeywell. The company’s current name, Honeywell International Inc., resulted from the merger of Honeywell Inc. and AlliedSignal in 1999.

Where Is the Honeywell International Headquarters?

Honeywell’s former headquarters was in Morristown, New Jersey. In 2018, it announced its new headquarters would move to Charlotte, North Carolina, giving rise to more than 500 jobs. The relocation was to seek better opportunities for acquiring executive talent and be near its operating units.

Who Is the Honeywell International Owner?

AlliedSignal, an American automotive, aerospace, and engineering company, was created through the merger of Signal Companies and Allied Corporation in 1985. In 1999, AlliedSignal purchased Honeywell for $13.8 billion. Combining the two companies would complement each other’s businesses, and Honeywell’s other businesses can prevent possible slowdowns in the aerospace industry.

Business Segments of Honeywell

As a diversified technology and manufacturing giant, the company operates through the following segments:

Aerospace: Honeywell’s aerospace segment provides services and products for original equipment manufacturers and other end markets. It also delivers timely flights, fuel efficiency, and safer and more convenient travel through cabin design, world-class engines, cockpits, and wireless connectivity.

Home Building Technologies: Honeywell’s Building Technologies provides technologies and solutions for the safety, sustainability, and productivity of the occupants’ and owners’ facilities. It’s a leader in the Internet of Things and creating software, technologies, and products found in millions of homes and buildings globally.

Performance Materials and Technologies: Honeywell’s Performance Materials and Technologies segment leads in manufacturing and developing performance chemicals, advanced materials, automation solutions, and process technologies utilized in various industries and applications.

Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS): Honeywell’s Safety and Productivity Solutions segment supplies software and products that enhance productivity and safety in the workplace. The segment also provides products and solutions, such as printers, barcode scanners, mobile computers, voice-enabled software, sensors, and more.

List of Honeywell International Leaders, Founders, and Executives

Honeywell is a global conglomerate and a huge company with leaders, founders, and executives worldwide. Here’s a look at who the top key players are.

Darius Adamczyk, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

Honeywell executive team: Darius Adamczyk, Chairman and CEO of Honeywell

Darius Adamczyk is Honeywell’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. He is responsible for bringing technology and solutions to the markets to encourage productivity, sustainability, and safety. He is a visionary with decades of experience in international business leadership and regulatory and operational expertise.

Mr. Adamczyk was previously the company’s chief operating officer (COO) and president, driving the continued profitable growth of Honeywell’s business through HOS Gold’s breakthrough growth strategies, such as advanced software features supporting a portfolio of diverse technology.

Kevin Dehoff, Chief Executive Officer and President of Connected Enterprise

Honeywell executive team: Kevin Dehoff, President and Chief Executive Officer of Connected Enterprise

Kevin Dehoff Is the chief Executive Officer and President of Honeywell Connected Enterprise. It is the company’s software division and leading disruptor that connects and builds software solutions, including innovation, the Internet of Things, new business development, and data analytics. Joining Honeywell in 2019, Mr. Dehoff brings three decades of experience in the performance movement and strategy-based transformation in aerospace and defense, industrials, and technology.

Benjamin Driggs, Global High Growth Regions President

Ben Driggs, Global High Growth Regions Preisident

Benjamin Driggs,  a Honeywell veteran whose scope of leadership extends in Brazil, China, and the U.S., was named Chief Operating Officer of Global High Growth Regions in January 2022. He succeeded Shane Tedjarati, who will mentor him for the next three years. Mr. Driggs has served Honeywell for over 16 years, possessing a wealth of experience in his new position. His previous roles were the President of Aerospace Americas, Honeywell Latin America, and Connected Aerospace.

Sheila Jordan, Senior Vice President (SVP) and Chief Digital Technology Officer

Sheila Jordan,  SVP and Chief Digital Technology Officer

Shiela Jordan is Honeywell’s Chief Digital Technology Officer. Her responsibilities include overseeing the technology tied with corporate information technology and utilized by strategic functions and businesses (e.g., contracts, legal, human resources, and finance) and defining the strategy and vision for the company’s digital transformation. Ms. Jordan previously served as Symantec’s Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President.

Vimal Kapur, President and Chief Operating Officer

Vimal Kapur, President and Chief Operating Officer

Vimal Kapur is Honeywell’s Chief Executive Officer and President of Performance Materials and Technologies. He is responsible for driving the execution of sustainability and digitalizing strategies and integrating Honeywell Accelerator, which is an operating system that serves as a learning tool for the company’s employees.

He brings 30 years of experience across Honeywell’s businesses and has been a part of its transition from an industrial manufacturer to a high-technology firm. Mr. Kapur works closely with the CEO to ensure the continued success of Honeywell’s operating businesses. He has a proven track record of operational capabilities in industries, business cycles and models, and regions.

Gregory Lewis, SVP and Chief Financial Officer

Greg Lewis, Honeywell CFO and SVP

Gregory Lewis was named Honeywell’s Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in August 2018, succeeding Tom Szlosek. Skilled in understanding markets, customers, businesses, and operational finance, Lewis’ skillset helped Honeywell achieve its growth plans.

He also has a track record of delivering outstanding business results in various industries. Before joining Honeywell in 2006, he served several leadership roles at Kraft Foods, Stanley Works, and Tyco International.

Anne Madden, SVP and General Counsel

Anne Madden,  SVP and General Counsel

Anne Madden joined Honeywell in 1996. She is the General Counsel and SVP responsible for overseeing government relations, legal affairs, product stewardship, health, safety, environment, global security, and sustainability. Ms. Madden’s specialties include mergers and acquisitions and divestitures, valuation, due diligence, and integration. She was a part of enforcing a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination.

Karen Mattimore, Chief Human Resources Officer and SVP

Karen Mattimore, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Karen Mattimore is Honeywell’s Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer. Before joining Honeywell in 2004, Karen held Human Resources leadership positions at Motorola and Nationwide Insurance Company. She is entrusted with maintaining employees’ happiness through benefits, and perks and creating a work environment favorable for employees.

Torsten Pilz, SVP and Chief Supply Chain Officer

Torsten Pilz, Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer

Torsten Pilz joined Honeywell in 2018 as the Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer. He handles procurement and the integrated supply chain, drives improvements in working capital and plant efficiency, and continues improving delivery and quality. Before joining Honeywell, he was SpaceX Supply Chain’s Vice President.

Suresh Venkatarayalu, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer and SVP

Suresh Venkatarayalu, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, and SVP

Suresh Venkatarayalu is the Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Honeywell. He is responsible for facilitating the company’s innovative product development, international research and development efforts, and creating a new market through its disruptive technology and innovation.

Mr. Venkatarayalu makes merging business and technology possible to lay the foundation of the company’s dramatic growth. He joined Honeywell in 1995 as a Systems Analyst and Software Engineering for the Aerospace segment, followed by a series of IT and engineering leadership roles.

John Waldron, SVP and Chief Commercial Officer

John Waldron, SVP and Chief Commercial Officer

John Waldron is Honeywell’s Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer. He brings expertise in management, strategy, and cross-functional team leadership. He first joined Honeywell in 2004 as a finance intern within the company’s lighting and electronics business. In 2005, he started his full-time career as a marketing manager.

Chief Executive Officers and Presidents of Honeywell’s Business Segments

  • George Koutsaftes (Safety and Productivity Solutions)
  • Mike Madsen (Aerospace)
  • Doug Wright (Honeywell Building Technologies)
  • Lucian Boldea (Performance Materials and Technologies)

Honeywell International Board of Directors

Honeywell’s Board of Directors consists of 11 members. The elected members oversee and guide the company’s management team for the continuous delivery of shareholder value.

  • Darius E. Adamczyk
  • Kevin Burke
  • William Ayer
  • Duncan Angove
  • Rose Lee
  • Scott Davis
  • Deborah Flint
  • Robin Watson
  • Robin Washington
  • George Paz
  • Grace Lieblein

Honeywell International Leaders, Founders, and Executives: Creating a Dynamic World

Honeywell is one of the most integrated manufacturers of personal and commercial security products in the world, with a wide range of offerings for industrial and government applications. Honeywell’s advanced technology platforms and products provide reliable and easy-to-use solutions customized to fit customers’ needs. Honeywell leaders and executives have established a strong foundation for long-term growth through its leading position in energy management, automation, and health care markets.

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