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US Forest Service Selects Strategic Biofuel to Develop Feedstock Compliance Tracking System

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US Forest Service Selects Strategic Biofuel to Develop Feedstock Compliance Tracking System

Strategic Biofuels will develop a cloud-based system to help the U.S. Forest Service monitor the compliance of forestry feedstock with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Renewable Fuel Standard. Forest residuals were previously seen as waste but were given a new purpose by the RFS, which incentivized the renewable energy sector to convert feedstock into biofuel and electricity, according to Julie Tucker, a National Wood Innovations Program manager at the U.S. Forest Service. The tracking system will be built under a cooperative agreement with the Forest Service to ensure forestry feedstock complies with RFS regulations, Strategic Biofuels said.

The auditable platform will enable the forestry feedstock sector to transmit raw data to biofuel producers and allow a third-party auditor to validate EPA compliance. It will also provide the Forest Service with general oversight and the capability to facilitate information sharing.

Weaver, one of EPA’s attestation and consulting services providers, will work with Strategic Biofuels in developing reporting content and formatting, auditing protocols and documentation methodologies for RFS compliance assurance.

Strategic Biofuels was selected for the project as it works to establish its Louisiana Green Fuels plant in Louisiana. The infrastructure received a $250 million bond allocation from Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards to fund the costs of construction, which will begin in 2023. 

Once the facility is completed, it will be the first carbon-negative commercial renewable fuels plant using forestry feedstock.

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