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Abaco Systems, AMERGINT Technologies Develop Rapidly Available EW Communications Capability

Abaco Systems, AMERGINT Technologies Develop Rapidly Available EW Communications Capability

Abaco Systems and AMERGINT Technologies have teamed up to develop an easily configurable and rapidly available lab-tested electronic warfare communications capability for warfighters.

The EW solution leverages the combined capabilities of Abaco Systems’ ruggedized VP430 radiofrequency system on chip hardware platform and AMERGINT’s SOFTLINK architecture to reduce RF signal chain complexity, integration and field timing from weeks to days.

The VP430 enables the use of fewer boards and the reduction of power consumption while delivering increased processing throughput, Abaco Systems said Tuesday.

The solution’s other main component, the SOFTLINK architecture, accelerates the development of software applications from the prototype phase to full operational capability.

According to U.S. Army documents obtained by Abaco Systems, future operational environments will become increasingly more unpredictable, complex and potentially more vulnerable to attack by an array of destructive weapons, including high-power microwave munitions and laser systems.

Citing the military’s increasing reliance on communication and weapons systems dependent on the entire RF spectrum, Peter Thompson, vice president of product management at Abaco Systems, said it is high time to reduce time to market and time to deployment for new EW technologies.

In addition to saving field timing, Thomspon added that pre-integrating AMERGINT's SOFTLINK libraries with Abaco Systems’ VP430 platforms also reduces program risk.

Marc Verity, vice president of systems at AMERGINT Technologies, commented that the EW application also benefits from the SOFTLINK architecture’s ability to design, configure and deploy nearly any signal, data processing or network transport capability.