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Accenture Closes Acquisition of Broadcom’s Symantec Cyber Business

Accenture Closes Acquisition of Broadcom’s Symantec Cyber Business

Accenture has completed its acquisition of Broadcom's Symantec Cyber Security Services business unit. Symantec has over 300 employees worldwide serving in industries such as financial services, utilities, health, government, communications, media, technology and retail.

The acquisition will boost Accenture's anti-cyber threat capabilities and support its claim as a premier provider of managed security services, the company said Thursday.

Infosecurity Magazine reported that Accenture CEO Julia Sweet tweeted: "Cybersecurity has become one of the most critical business imperatives for all organizations regardless of industry or geographic location."

Sweet reportedly said the acquisition would bolster Accenture Security's position as a provider of comprehensive managed services for global businesses for detecting and managing cyber threats aimed at companies. 

Kelly Bissell, Accenture Security's senior managing director, reportedly said: "Companies are facing an unprecedented volume of cyber threats that are highly sophisticated and targeted to their businesses, and they can no longer rely solely on generic solutions.

The acquisition would help Accenture provide flexible solutions instead of relying on a "one size fits all" approach, Bissell added.

Symantec's transfer continues Accenture's series of acquisitions, which includes Revolutionary Security, Context Information Security, Deja vu Security, iDefense, Maglan, Redcore, Arismore and FusionX.

Accenture is an Ireland-headquartered multinational company that provides professional services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations.

Broadcom is a global technology company that specializes in designing, developing and supplying semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions.

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