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Army Leaders Stress Importance of Network Modernization

Command and control

Army Leaders Stress Importance of Network Modernization

Gen. James Rainey, the head of U.S. Army Futures Command, said the service branch needs to transition from warfighting functions to warfighting systems.

In a keynote speech at the Army’s Technical Exchange Meeting, Rainey said future wars will pit systems against each other and depend on command and control, Nextgov/FCW reported Friday.

Rainey emphasized that nothing else can be done without C2 and that facilitating such capabilities will require the service branch to work on its network. 

One of the Army’s main priorities is a unified network connecting the enterprise and tactical edge. Lt. Gen. John Morrison, the service branch’s deputy chief of staff for command, control, communications, cyber and networks, said steps are being taken to establish such a capability.

Morrison, a past Potomac Officers Club event speaker, told meeting attendees that the Army is starting to implement unified security incident and event monitoring capabilities to automate network threat detection.

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