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Army Officials Meet to Explore More Collaboration

Triad partnership

Army Officials Meet to Explore More Collaboration

The heads of the U.S. Army’s Cyber, Special Operations and Space and Missile Defense commands convened on Jan. 31 to discuss the Triad partnership and ways to expand and codify their collaboration.

At the third Triad 3-Star General Officer Steering Committee, ARCYBER Commander Lt. Gen. Maria Barrett, USASOC Commander Lt. Gen. Jonathon Braga and USASMDC Commander Lt. Gen. Sean Gainey underlined the importance of their partnership due to rapidly evolving threats to the United States, DVIDS reported Friday.

Braga explained that the Triad is meant to combine capabilities, authorities and effects in the same way as combined arms operations while providing “less escalatory” deterrence options to support an operational advantage during conflicts and crises.

The three commands have created a unified exercise, experimentation and engagement plan through fiscal year 2025.

Gainey, a past Potomac Officers Club event speaker, said the Triad is working to ensure that the Theater Special Operations Command understands the space and high-altitude capabilities it can provide.

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