2024 Cyber Summit Panelist: DOD Cyber Crime Center’s Joshua Black

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2024 Cyber Summit Panelist: DOD Cyber Crime Center’s Joshua Black

Joshua Black, deputy director of the Department of Defense’s Cyber Crime Center, joins the esteemed roster of speakers tapped by the Potomac Officers Club for the 2024 Cyber Summit. Black will participate in the “Leadership in the Age of AI and Data Analytics: the Evolution of Cyber Protection” panel discussion alongside Christopher Cleary and Bill Geimer.

Learn about Joshua Black’s career background, awards and industry contributions here.


Who is Joshua Black?

DoD Cyber Crime Center’s Deputy Director Joshua Black delivering a keynote address at the Defense Strategies Institute’s 4th Annual Digital Forensics for National Security Symposium
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Joshua Black is the deputy director at the DOD’s Cyber Crime Center (DC3) in Linthicum, Maryland. In this role, he works alongside the DC3 Executive Director to oversee the center’s vision, strategy and operations.

As a senior-level executive at DC3, he coordinates with the Military Department Counterintelligence Organizations and Defense Criminal Investigative organizations. 

Below is a rundown of his positions over the years.

  • Department of the Army Service Member, from July 1997 – July 2004
  • Army MI Counterintelligence Special Agent at the 650th MI Group, from July 2004 – May 2007
  • Deputy Director at the Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy, DC3, from May 2007 – June 2012
  • Senior Advisor for Cyber CI/Acting DCITA Director at DC3, from June 2012 – May 2015
  • Director at the DC3 Cyber Training Academy, from May 2015 – October 2019
  • Deputy Director/Senior Advisor Executive Director at the DC3, from October 2019 – Present 

To boot, Black brings a solid educational background to his leadership roles, having a B.S. degree in Information Systems Management and a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity.


Joshua Black’s Notable Awards

Throughout his career, Joshua Black has been honored with a slew of prestigious awards including: 

  • Commander’s Award for Civilian Service (2005) 
  • Counterintelligence Individual Award for CI Training and Education (2009)
  • National Counterintelligence Executive Award for Excellence in CI Education and Training (2010)
  • Meritorious Civilian Service Award (2019)


Joshua Black as a Panel Speaker at the 2024 Cyber Summit

2024 Cyber Summit banner


Gear up for the 2024 Cyber Summit on June 6, 2024! It is a premier gathering of the crème de la crème in the cyber sector to explore cybersecurity trends, technological advancements and the ongoing battle against cyber threats.

The Potomac Officers Club has tapped Joshua Black to share his insights at the upcoming 2024 Cyber Summit. At the event, he will address extremely critical topics — including AI and data analytics — as one of the panelists for “Leadership in the Age of AI and Data Analytics: the Evolution of Cyber Protection.” 

With the rapid rise of technology in recent years, the government is now directing its focus toward adopting AI and data analytics technologies. As AI continues to influence all sectors, especially cybersecurity, leaders like Black explore ways to integrate such technologies to boost cyber protection measures.


Joshua Black’s Industry Contributions

Joshua Black standing beside James Hadley, posing for a picture at the Spring 2023 TechEx
Photo by Jesus Rodriguez/ DVIDS


Given his valuable contributions to the cyber sector, Joshua Black has been selected to share his insights and showcase his expertise at the 2024 Cyber Summit.

One of his most notable contributions in cyberspace is facilitating the Defense Industrial Base-Vulnerability Disclosure Program (DIB-VDP) in collaboration with the DoD DIB Collaborative Information Sharing Environment and the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency.

At its core, the DIB-VDP helps companies respond to cyber threats more effectively. Under this program, participants willingly allow ethical researchers to assess their platforms and assets for security threats.

Moreover, Joshua Black participated in collaborative initiatives between DC3 and the U.S. Cyber Command (USCC) to improve interagency cooperation in cybersecurity. In line with this collaboration, the DC3’s Deputy Director provided rotational program assignments for the Cyber National Mission Force military personnel to refine USCC’s cyber expertise.


What is the DOD Cyber Crime Center?

Established in 1998, the DOD Cyber Crime Center is a part of the Department of the Air Force. On January 15, 2021, it was officially recognized as a United States Air Force Field Operating Agency.

The DC3 carries out critical tasks in line with these DOD mission areas: cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection, document and media exploitation (DOMEX) and law enforcement and counterintelligence (LE/CI).

The center’s key responsibilities include:

  • Conducting digital and multimedia (D/MM) forensics
  • Providing cyber training programs
  • Developing technical solutions
  • Analyzing cyber threats and trends

In addition, it operates through six functional directorates:

1. Cyber Forensics Laboratory 

2. Cyber Training Academy

3. Department of Defense-Defense Industrial Base Collaborative Information Sharing Environment

4. Operations Enablement Directorate

5. Technical Solutions Development

6. Vulnerability Disclosure Program

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