General Chance Saltzman: The Rise of the “Father of Multi-Domain Operations”

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General Chance Saltzman: The Rise of the “Father of Multi-Domain Operations”

General Chance Saltzman is one of the most prominent figures in multi-domain command and control, particularly in the aerospace sector. His efforts and contributions have touted him as the “Father of Multi-Domain Operations,” elevating him to the highest position to manage the United States Space Force (USSF) operations. 


Displaying excellence as the Space Force’s Chief of Space Operations, Gen. Saltzman received Wash100 recognition twice in 2023 and 2024. They are well-deserved awards for stewarding tech domain securities and shaping the Space Force culture, which made an indelible mark on the government contracting industry.


Take a look at the rise of General Chance Saltzman in the military, catapulting him as the “Father of Multi-Domain Operations.”


Meet Chance Saltzman


Chance Saltzman, Chief of Space Operations at the United States Space Force
Photo by Trevor Cokley/ U.S. Air Force/


Bradley Chance Saltzman, going by B. Chance Saltzman, entered the U.S. Air Force as a second lieutenant upon completing Boston University’s Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program in 1991. A year later, he completed missile operational readiness training at Vandenberg Air Force Base.


Saltzman’s earliest designation was at the Malmstrom Air Force Base, where he held roles as a missile crew, instructor, and evaluator. His years of service in various Air Force commands culminated in his selection as the senior evaluator crew commander at the 10th Strategic Missile Squadron and 341st Strategic Missile Wing. 


Throughout the years, Saltzman has built an impressive profile in command and control of several domains. His contributions extend beyond the U.S. Air Force; they’re also pivotal to establishing the U.S. Space Force. This eventually led him to serve in his current capacity as the USSF’s Chief of Space Operations.


Besides his military career, Saltzman is married to Jennifer Petersen Saltzman. They have two children, John and Sarah.


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Chance Saltzman: A Career Walkthrough


Chance Saltzman has been with the United States Air Force for the majority of his career. For over 30 years, he upheld the values of an Airman in his several designations at the National Reconnaissance Office, U.S. Air Force Weapons School, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and the 614th Air and Space Operations Center.


In 2005, Saltzman became the first Chief of Combat Plans for the Joint Space Operations Center and later the Chief of Combat Operations. In these capacities, he played a pivotal role in the U.S. response to the Chinese anti-satellite missile testing in 2007. He also worked closely with the USSTRATCOM in the deterrence of the attack. 


After serving in several defense commands, Saltzman returned to the Headquarters Air Force in 2009 as the Chief of Strategic Plans and Policy Division for the Directorate of Operational, Planning, Policy, and Strategy. Since then, he held a number of positions in the Air Force, where he contributed greatly to multi-domain command and control.


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“Father of Multi-Domain Operations:” A Trailblazer in Muli-Domain Command and Control 


In 2016, B. Chance Saltzman, who was then Director of Future Operations at the USAF, was handpicked by Air Force Chief of Staff General David L. Goldfein to fulfill his office’s priorities. He was appointed as the Director of the Air Force Strategic Integration Group to advance multi-functional multi-domain command and control (MDC2).


Saltzman’s MDC2 efforts proved to be crucial to founding the Joint All-Domain Command and Control in the Department of Defense. This has named him the “Father of Multi-Domain Operations” and designated him the U.S. Air Forces Central Command’s Deputy Commander.


A Space Chief: Assignments in the United States Space Force


General Chance Saltzman delivering his remarks on the U.S. Space Force's 3rd birthday
Photo by Eric Dietrich/ U.S. Air Force/ A&SF Magazine


Chance Saltzman transferred into the Space Force in August 2020, in line with his promotion to lieutenant general. He assumed the position of USSF’s Deputy Chief of Space Operations for Operations, Cyber, and Nuclear, with responsibilities in intelligence, sustainment, operations, cyber, and nuclear commands.


“I think it’s very appropriate that the first general who comes in is a warfighter. I think that sends a really strong message that this is an armed service, and we are about deterring conflict that could begin or extend into space,” the then USSF’s Chief of Space Operations Retired General John W. Raymond remarked during Saltzman’s welcome ceremony.


Since joining the Space service, Saltzman played critical roles in instituting different component commands and unified combatant commands, as well as strengthening warfighter readiness. He was key to the establishment of Space Force elements, namely:


  • United States European Command
  • United States Indo-Pacific Command
  • United States Central Command
  • United States Forces Korea


In November 2022, Saltzman was promoted to General and appointed as the Chief of Space Operations at the United States Space Force. He is the second space leader to take on this role. Under his helm, he is dedicated to building upon the service’s achievements and taking on new approaches to solidify the government’s space initiatives.


General Chance Saltzman: A Two-Time Wash100 Winner


Executive Mosaic Jim Garrettson (on the left) awards Wash100 recognition to Gen. Chance Saltzman (on the right)
Photo/ Executive Mosaic


Executive Mosaic (EM) awards General Chance Saltzman for his distinguished contributions to the government contracting industry. EM’s elite organizational and editorial team members handpicked him and other decision-makers as Wash100 winners for bringing significant impact through their visions and innovative leadership.


Wash100 2023: Administering Tech and Security in Space Domains


In 2023, General Chance Saltzman received his first Wash100 award. Reinforced by his Space  Force leadership, it was a well-earned recognition for his advancing the service’s operational advantages through military innovation and workforce development. His first Wash100 award came after his appointment as USSF’s Chief of Space Operations in late 2022.


Upon assuming office, Gen. Saltzman worked toward completing his first commander’s note, which was finally released in early 2023. The note outlines three lines of efforts (LOE), which he believes are important to the success of USSF as the newest independent military service branch. These LOEs include:


  • Fielding combat-ready forces
  • Amplifying the Guardian spirit
  • Partnering to win


These LOEs aim to eliminate barriers that hinder collaboration and professional relationships within the commercial sector.


Wash100 2024: Cultivating the Culture, Partnerships, and Future of the Space Force


For the second consecutive year, Gen. Chance Saltzman received a Wash100 recognition. His steadfast commitment to creating a positive impact in the USSF’s culture, technology, strategies, and partnerships. His leadership has steered the service branch toward a purpose-built direction to secure the nation’s interest.


“The U.S. Space Force was established to answer our nation’s call for superiority in the increasingly contested and congested space domain, and Gen. Saltzman—with his purposeful vision and an unwavering dedication to securing our nation’s interests in, from and to space—is an exceptionally fit leader for the force and for our 2024 Wash100 list,” noted by Executive Mosaic Chief Executive Officer Jim Garrettson.


One of the most notable contributions of Gen. Saltzman is zeroing in on two major technology gaps, including a lack of systems in geosynchronous Earth orbit and a lack of sensors in adversary satellites in the Southern Hemisphere. To resolve these issues, he aims to strengthen space domain awareness and bolster collaboration to improve necessary architecture.

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