Jay Dryer, Keynote Speaker at POC’s 10th Annual Defense R&D Summit

Jay Dryer, Keynote Speaker at POC’s 10th Annual Defense R&D Summit

Jay Dryer is the Director of the Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO). The SCO’s primary goal is to tackle emerging threats by developing groundbreaking strategies and countermeasures across various domains. What sets the SCO apart is its expertise in integrating mature technologies to fast-track service priorities and empower our warfighters.


They bridge the gap between what’s seemingly impossible into tangible solutions for the U.S. military, and at the helm of it all is Mr. Dryer. Keep reading to know what lies ahead of this Pentagon leader, where innovation knows no bounds and the future is just a step away.


Catch Jay Dryer at the Potomac Officers Club’s 10th Annual Defense R&D Summit 


Potomac Officers Club’s 10th Annual Defense R&D Summit


The Potomac Officers Club is hosting the 10th Annual Defense Research and Development Summit on January 31, 2024. It gathers top defense leaders, researchers, experts, and decision-makers. They’ll be discussing cutting-edge technology for the U.S. military, including topics like JADC2, the R&D ecosystem, great power competition, and more.


Keynote speakers include Jay Dryer, John Cushing, Aditi Kumar, Heidi Shyu, and Stephen Welby. Don’t miss this upcoming event that brings together the best minds in defense research and development!


Register here!!! 


Past Speaking Engagement

Mr. Dryer was a keynote speaker at the Potomac Officers Club’s Fall 2021 5G Summit. This virtual forum focused on the collaborative endeavors of both the government and industry to advance fifth-generation wireless communications technologies.


Following his address, other executives joined in to share their insights on the exciting journey towards implementing this next-generation cellular technology.


Career Journey

Before his role as Director of the Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO), Jay Dryer held various positions, including Deputy Associate Administrator for Programs at NASA Aeronautics Mission Directorate (ARMD). He also worked at Arion Systems and SRA International, providing technical support to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).


During his career, he made notable contributions in rotorcraft research for the DARPA Helicopter Quieting Program. He was involved in the planning of the 2004 DARPA Grand Challenge, a competition for autonomous vehicles in the desert.


Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle
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In the 1990s, Mr. Dryer served in the U.S. Navy’s Nuclear Submarine Force, the Deep Submergence Unit, and Development Squadron Five. He specialized in the development and operation of unmanned aerial and submersible vehicles. 


Notably, Mr. Jay Dryer directed an unmanned submersible vehicle that discovered the wreck of the USS Yorktown from World War II. Additionally, he commanded survey missions to the sites of the lost USS. Thresher and USS Scorpion submarines.

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