Jeffery McLaughlin, SVP at Radiant Digital, Moderates the Potomac Officers Club’s CX Imperative Forum

Jeffery McLaughlin, SVP at Radiant Digital, Moderates the Potomac Officers Club’s CX Imperative Forum

Jeffery McLaughlin is the Senior Vice President at Radiant Digital. He joins the Potomac Officers Club’s The CX Imperative Forum, a discussion about improving citizen experience, streamlining government processes, and committing to the digital transformation initiatives of federal, state, and local agencies.


On January 25, 2024, Jeffery McLaughlin is scheduled to be the panel moderator for the Radian Digital-sponsored CX Imperative Forum. He is joined by panelist Victor Udoewa, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Service Design Lead for the Office of Public Health Data, Surveillance, and Technology.


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About Jeffery McLaughlin


About Jeffery McLaughlin
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Jeffery McLaughlin, known as Jeff to his colleagues, is an expert in customer and citizen experience, software development, digital health, and interactive media. His specializations include evidence-based digital health intervention, IT strategy and transformation, and organizational leadership.


Throughout his 25 years of leadership experience, Mr. McLaughlin received numerous recommendations from his colleagues, clients, and supervisors. He was also able to contribute as one of the authors of Promoting Parent-Child Sexual Health Dialogue with an Intergenerational Game: Parent and Youth Perspectives for Games for Health Journal.


Jeffery McLaughlin is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Penn State University.


Jeffery McLaughlin’s career timeline


In 2001, Jeffery McLaughlin joined Radiant Creative Group as a Partner and Creative Director. In this role, he co-founded a boutique design and interactive media studio, where he pioneered theory-based practices for health communication, intervention, design, and research support in behavioral sciences. Mr. McLaughlin held this role until 2008.


Before joining the Radiant, Jeffery McLaughlin was the Creative Director at Idea Integration. He served in this position from 1999 to 2001.


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Jeffery McLaughlin, Senior Vice President at Radiant Digital


Jeffery McLaughlin has served as the Senior Vice President at Radiant Digital since August 2008. In this capacity, he is in charge of leading the Services and Solutions department, comprising high-value experts in digital experience, software development, data science, and human performance improvement.


Under his helm, Mr. McLaughlin has consistently delivered cross-disciplinary projects for the government, academia, small start-ups, and industry-leading clients. A few of his distinguished accomplishments include:


  • MYH 2.0: A Digital Experience to Improve Survivorship among Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Survivors aims to help young cancer survivors in transition readiness for follow-up care into adulthood.
  • Stempowerment: using game mechanics to improve outcomes among stem cell transplant survivors, in collaboration with the MD Anderson Cancer Center, develops social intervention of stem cell transplant therapy on AYAs who received stem cell transplant therapy.


Jeffery McLaughlin: A Leader of the Federal Government’s Digital Transformation Strategies


Jeffery McLaughlin: A Leader of the Federal Government's Digital Transformation Strategies
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In an organization as expansive as the United States federal government, modern technologies and digital transformation strategies are proven crucial amid the fast-evolving digital landscape. Although the government has established effective traditional procedures, they may not work in plenty of situations today.


One of the leaders of the federal government’s digital transformation programs is Jeffery McLaughlin, who has dedicated years of his tenure to spearheading projects associated with digitalization in federal spaces. He continues working toward creating more optimized government processes in line with the changing times.


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Jeffery McLaughlin, Moderator at The CX Imperative Forum


Jeffery McLaughlin is the moderator of the panel at the CX Imperative Forum. His credentials in digital transformation and citizen experience are pivotal to the conversation of helping agencies reconstruct their processes, systems, and networks to meet the ever-changing demands of public administration and civil services.


Mr. McLaughlin joins a roster of esteemed industry leaders, including:


  • Dana Chisnell, Executive Director for Customer Experience at the Department of Homeland Security (Keynote)
  • Dr. Shankar Rachakonda, Chief Executive Officer at Radiant Digital (Keynote introducer)
  • Victor Udoewa, Service Design Lead for the Office of Public Health Data, Surveillance, and Technology at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Panelist)


About The CX Imperative Forum


The CX Imperative Forum

The CX Imperative Forum aims to reform the current bureaucratic procedures of the federal government and reduce the paperwork burden for both employees and citizens. The forum explores how the government’s digital transformation initiatives can be applied to redesign the citizen experience to better align with the agency’s goals and presidential directives.


Register for The CX Imperative Forum, which will be happening on January 25, 2024. Delve into technologies to ensure the government provides user-friendly, accessible, and transparent experiences to the public.


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