Noteworthy 5G Innovators: Unveiling Leaders to Watch in 2023

Noteworthy 5G Innovators: Unveiling Leaders to Watch in 2023

Contributing to the advancement of 5G technology within the federal sector are these notable 5G innovators actively contributing to its widespread application.


Innovations in 5G have been crucial to enabling fast and secure connections for the data-driven missions of the federal government. Building on the progress made in the mobile wireless technology networks, federal leaders are actively striving to enhance its its applications, streamlining government workflows, and offering customized technologies according to their most pressing needs.


What is 5G?

5G, the fifth-generation technology standard for mobile networks and cellular broadband, has brought significant advancements in the realm of mobile wireless technology. Compared to its predecessor, 4G, 5G offers speeds that are approximately 100 times faster, lower latency, and more robust bandwidth. The deployment of 5G began in 2019, involving the installation of specialized 5G satellites and the release of 5G-capable products.


The introduction of 5G has had a transformative impact on the operations of the federal government, particularly across its global military installations. This advanced communication tool enables the transfer and reception of large volumes of data at nearly real-time speeds, thereby boosting response times in emergency situations and time-sensitive missions.


Get acquainted with some of the leaders in 5G innovations, driving its applications in the federal sector.


5G Innovators of 2023

Note: The following list features esteemed industry leaders selected based on a comprehensive evaluation of their accomplishments, including their strategic vision, demonstrated impact on the industry, innovative contributions, and leadership prowess. However, this is not an exhaustive list. The industry is filled with talented professionals making significant contributions, warranting close attention for their achievements and potential impact.


Bill Bloomingdale, 5G Strategy Lead at Leidos

Photo of Bill Bloomingdale on LinkedIn


Bill Bloomingdale is an established telecommunications executive with over 25 years of senior leadership experience. He began his career path as an engineer and subsequently expanded his expertise in sales, business development, and product development. Since January 2020, Bloomingdale has been serving as the 5G Strategy Lead at Leidos.


Bloomingdale has established himself as a distinguished leader for competencies in RF Engineering, wireless technologies such as LTE, CDMA, and WiFi, hardware architecture and development, and other telecommunications products and services. To remain abreast of the latest technological advancements in the telecommunications industry, he expanded his skillset to encompass the realm of 5G innovations, with a particular focus in the federal sector.


Leidos’ 5G Strategy Lead Duties and Responsibilities

As the 5G Strategy Lead at Leidos, Bill Bloomingdale focuses on enterprise IT modernization and overall 5G programs. He maintains strategic partnerships and delivers end-to-end solutions across Leidos customers to aid enterprises in achieving business growth based on their unique needs and complexities.


Ed Bursk, Vice President of Digitalization, Automation & OT Cybersecurity at Siemens Government Technologies

Mike Loomis, General Manager at Nokia Federal Systems
Photo of Ed Bursk on Twitter


As the Vice President of Digitalization, Automation & OT Cybersecurity at Siemens Government Technologies, Ed Bursk handles a range of technology modernization initiatives across defense, military, shipbuilding, and other federal sectors. He assumed office in October 2011, holding essential duties in aerospace, defense, government, and commercial markets. 


Bursk began his professional journey at The MITRE Corp. as a Member of the Technical Staff, during which he served as an Electrical Engineer. Over the course of his career, he developed specialties in product development, marketing, and business development. Before joining Siemens Government Technologies, he was the Head of Government Business Development at Nokia Siemens Networks.


Siemens Government Technologies’ Vice President of Digitalization, Automation & OT Cybersecurity Duties and Responsibilities

Siemens Government Technologies’ Vice President of Digitalization, Automation & OT Cybersecurity is responsible for digitalization, product management, operations optimization, and operational technology activities. He ensures the delivery of impact solutions to customers in the aerospace, defense, federal, military, and shipbuilding sectors. 


Chris Christou, Senior Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton

Photo from Booz Allen Hamilton Official Website


Having over two decades of experience in cloud cybersecurity, information technology, and 5G, Chris Christou is in a unique position at the forefront of 5G innovators in the federal sector. He has been a long-time executive at Booz Allen Hamilton, starting as the Vice President of 5G and Secure Cloud in October 2002 and eventually as the Senior Vice President since April 2022.


Christou has progressed through various positions in software development and network engineering, steadily increasing his responsibilities and expertise in these fields. He started his professional career as a Software Engineer at Raytheon STX, during which he led the development of the Data Acquisition System of the National Weather Service. Before joining Booz Allen Hamilton, Christou served as the Internet Network Engineer at UUNET.


Booz Allen Hamilton’s Senior Vice President Duties and Responsibilities

Booz Allen Hamilton’s Senior Vice President duties span all capabilities in 5G, cybersecurity, information technology, and cloud infrastructure businesses. Chris Christou is responsible for creating best-in-class solutions related to cloud computing, security, 5G cellular networks, and other communications-related systems.


John Dillard, Director of DoD 5G Strategy and Solutions at AT&T

Photo of John Dillard on LinkedIn


John Dillard brings with him a diversified portfolio in command, operations, and systems security, stemming from his nearly 20-year experience in the U.S. Air Force. Upon his retirement from the military, he joined AT&T as the Senior Program Manager of the USAF Enterprise Services. In April 2021, Dillard was named the Director of DoD 5G Strategy and Solutions.


While he began as the Deputy Commander of Mission Systems at Air Education and Training Command, Dillard quickly expanded his capabilities in tactical communications for multiple defense-related agencies. Ultimately, he retired as the Chief of the Business Systems Analysis Branch at the Office of the Under Secretary of the Air Force.


AT&T’s Director of DoD 5G Strategy and Solutions Duties and Responsibilities

As the Director of DoD 5G Strategy and Solutions at AT&T, John Dillard’s primary duty is leading a multi-functional team responsible for developing multi-million enterprise-wide programs. His comprehensive understanding of military communications has been pivotal in helping customers optimize their operations and advance organizational objectives.


Mike Loomis, General Manager at Nokia Federal Systems

Photo of Mike Loomis on LinkedIn


Mike Loomis is a leading figure in developing engagement strategies and telecommunications product solutions for the federal government. He brings a wealth of experience spanning over three decades of experience, during which he established industry knowledge in IP, ethernet, and 5G in his current role as the General Manager of Nokia Federal Systems.


Loomis’ earliest experience was in the 82nd Airborne Division of the U.S. Army, where he served as a first lieutenant. After four years in the military, he entered the private sector, serving in companies such as Solectron, Bay Networks, and Nortel. Loomis joined Nokia through the acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent, initially working as the Director of the North America IP Competency Center.


Nokia Federal Systems’ General Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Nokia Federal Systems’ General Manager oversees overall operations and activities in the federal sector. Loomis works closely with government agencies to address their digital modernization concerns and leads the development of technology solutions customized to their specific requirements.


Todd Martin, President at Shared Spectrum Company

Photo of Todd Martin on LinkedIn


With over 30 years of multi-disciplinary experience in technology, Todd Martin is renowned as a key 5G innovator who pushes the technology’s boundaries across dynamic and uncertain environments. He currently holds the position of President at Shared Spectrum Company upon his appointment in March 2020.


Martin is an accomplished professional, boasting an extensive portfolio of program development strategies for agencies such as NASA, FAA, NSF, and DoD. Since joining Shared Spectrum Company as Principal Engineer in May 2017, he has enhanced the company’s capabilities with his successful implementation of technologies focusing on aeronautics, wireless communications, and networking.


Shared Spectrum Company’s President Duties and Responsibilities

As the President of Shared Spectrum Company, Todd Martin holds a variety of responsibilities related to staff development, project management, and corporate communications. He targets growth initiatives in new business opportunities and breeds consistent improvements in existing technologies and investments.


Paul Battaglia, Vice President of Public Sector at Federated Wireless 


Paul Battaglia is a distinguished executive in the public sector scene of the technology industry, having served in companies such as Oracle, BlackBerry Mobile, LiveSafe, Cellebrite, and Tableau Software. Since 2022, he has served as the Vice President of the Public Sector, increasing its growth opportunities in the federal sector.


Battaglia had been instrumental in building various tech startups and companies as the President, CEO, and Director. He held executive positions at Instrumental, Inc., Inxight Federal Systems Group, Endeca, WorldStor, and Storage Dimensions. Early in his professional journey, Battaglia served as the District Manager at EMC Corp.


Federated Wireless’ Vice President of Public Sector Duties and Responsibilities

Federated Wireless’ Vice President of Public Sector manages all concerns of the company’s public sector customers. Paul Battaglia’s broad spectrum of expertise equips him with the capabilities to make crucial decisions related to cloud computing, virtualization, sales, business development, and digital modernization.

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