Potomac Officers Club Membership: The Return on Investment and Benefits of Joining

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Potomac Officers Club Membership: The Return on Investment and Benefits of Joining

Become one of the members of the Potomac Officers Club where you can get a front seat view of the discussions relevant to latest technologies, government contracting events, and earn more betworking connections.


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Are you a company executive focused on government contracting? Chances are, you are seeking high-impact investments that could bring valuable returns to your organization.


There are many benefits to joining an organization in the GovCon landscape. However, there are lots of memberships to choose from.


POC hosts over 20 events, each brimming with more than 250 speakers with diverse expertise in defense, intelligence, technology, and cyber. This is where groundbreaking ideas take shape, and the brightest minds in GovCon converge so you can learn, network, and stay ahead of the curve.


Scroll down as we walk you through the power of membership and the return on investment that awaits Potomac Officers Club members.


The Return on Investment of Joining the Potomac Officers Club

The Return on Investment of Joining the Potomac Officers Club
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The return on investment of being a POC member goes beyond mere financial gains for organizations. Here‘s a list of benefits that POC members enjoy: 


Brand building

Building your brand is your starting point to achieve success and reach your personal and business goals faster. When you become a Potomac Officers Club member, you’ll be a part a thriving community of top executives and exciting networking events. 


These events feature influential speakers who can help you thrive and unlock unlimited growth opportunities. Your membership also gives you a chance to be featured in an Executive Spotlight Interview on POC publications.


POC is a part of ExecutiveMosaic (EM), which has been connecting, promoting, and branding executives since 2002. Other EM brands include 4×24, , ExecutiveGov, ExecutiveBiz, and electronic magazines GovConDaily and The Weekly Roundup. 


Potomac Officers Club’s brand-building activities to connect our members with industry leaders include:

  • POC breakfasts

These 3-hour gatherings start with a networking reception, allowing members to connect with like-minded professionals. After the reception, there is a series of captivating keynote addresses and panel discussions, where industry leaders will share their expertise and insights

  • POC summits

POC summits are jam-packed half-day events full of great content. Like breakfasts, these summits offer a chance to mingle and connect with other attendees. 


You can expect to hear from 3 to 4 keynote speakers, participate in 1 to 2 panel discussions, and engage with important figures in government contracting. 


From networking in the morning to engaging talks, interactive panels, Q&A sessions, and a tasty lunch, POC summits offer an immersive experience with hundreds of participants, speakers, and attendees.


  • Virtual events

POC organizes virtual events and half-day summits so all members can participate. These online forums and half-day summits let you join discussions, get industry insights remotely, and have worthwhile conversations with other professionals.


Become a part of the elite community

A POC membership grants access to an exclusive community comprising GovCon experts, professionals, business leaders, and C-suite executives. You can connect, interact, participate, and form partnerships within this community, paving the way for a fulfilling path towards career advancement, corporate growth, and successful business ventures.


All members hold director-level positions or higher, with 40% serving as Vice Presidents or in higher positions within their company and 20% holding C-suite executive roles.


Get exclusive discounts

Professional membership costs $795, but you can benefit from a 15% discount for a five-member package and 10% for a three-member package. Professional members can save 40% on the registration fee for each event, while guests of members can save 10% per event.


Elite membership costs $1495, but you can take advantage of the 10% for a three-member package and 15% for a five-member package. There’s a 75% discount on registration fees for all POC events and a 10% discount on the registration fee for guests and members.


Stay ahead of the market

Potomac Officers Club members get noticed and stay informed using Executive Mosaic’s online news sites, daily RSS/email updates, and connections with social media partners. These tools are part of Executive Mosaic’s media platform, a trusted source for news about the people, policies, trends, and events shaping the government contracting sector. 


Endless opportunities

Getting ahead in the GovCon industry isn’t easy, but with the dynamic POC community, you can confidently secure government contracts and capitalize on business opportunities. POC goes beyond networking; it connects you with the movers and shakers in the private sector and government to drive the nation forward.


How to Be a Member of the Potomac Officers Club

Ready to join the POC? Here’s what you need to qualify:

  • Complete a membership application
  • Your company must be selling directly to the federal government
  • Must not be a service provider
  • Must hold or have recently held a Director level or above position
  • Your company’s minimum annual revenue is $5 million


You can choose from Professional, Elite, or Government membership package that are shown below.

POC Memebership packages
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What Are the Events Held by the Potomac Officers Club Annually?


What Are the Events Held by the Potomac Officers Club?
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The speakers at Potomac Officers Club events address the latest government contracting news and trends to provide valuable insights to its exclusive members. Below is the full list of POC’s events. Schedules are based on speakers’ availability For the details that are aren’t there yet, the pages will be updated every now and then. 



  • CX Imperative Forum
  • Challenges and Best Practices to Achieving Audit Readiness in the DoD Forum
  • 10th Annual Defense R&D Summit


  • Workloads at the Tactical Edge Forum


  • Space Summit
  • Achieving Transformative Cooperation for National Defense Forum
  • 5th Annual Artificial Intelligence Summit


  • 5th Annual CIO Summit


  • 2024 Cyber Summit 


  • 9th Annual Army Summit 


  • 2024 Air Force Summit


  • 2024 Annual Navy Summit


  • 2024 10th Annual Intel Summit


  • 2024 Homeland Security Summit


  • 2024 Healthcare Summit

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