Roger Greenwell of the Defense Information Systems Agency, Panel Speaker at POC’s 5th Annual CIO Summit

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Roger Greenwell of the Defense Information Systems Agency, Panel Speaker at POC’s 5th Annual CIO Summit

Roger Greenwell of the Defense Infomation Systems Agency (DISA) is tapped by the Potomac Officers Club (POC) to discuss multi-cloud strategies at the 5th Annual CIO Summit. As multi-cloud policies are crucial for the federal government’s digital transformation, Mr. Greenwell’s insights are paramount to propelling that change.


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About Roger Greenwell


Roger Greenwell speaking at the AFCEA DC Luncheon
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Roger Greenwell is the Chief Information Officer and Director of Enterprise Integration and Innovation at the Defense Information Systems Agency. He oversees the agency’s horizontal integration and support, effective use of IT capabilities, and risk management operations. 


Moreover, Mr. Greenwell leads the adoption of innovative solutions for the improvement of automation and user experience. Through his leadership, the DISA is empowered to drive change that benefits its employees and customers.


Roger Greenwell completed his Bachelor of Science in Computer Internetworking at the Federal Executive Institute. He also holds industry security certifications, namely  CISSP, CISA, and CISM.


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Roger Greenwell’s Professional Background


Roger Greenwell spent the majority of his career at the DISA. Before assuming the roles of CIO and Director of Enterprise Integration and Innovation, he served as the Risk Management Executive and Authorizing Official. In this capacity, he addressed all facets of cybersecurity to balance missions with security.


Previously, Mr. Greenwell spearheaded the DISA’s operations in developing DOD-wide security guidance and products, such as Security Requirements Guides (SRGs) and Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs). He also issued cloud computing provisional authorizations (PAs).


Roger Greenwell’s knowledge and skills in IT burgeoned from his stint at Hewlett-Packard’s Electronic Data Systems division. In this role, he equipped military customers–including the DISA, Army, Army National Guard, and Air National Guard–with security consulting and contract management services.


Throughout his career, Mr. Greenwell expanded his portfolio to include vulnerability management, disaster recovery, computer network defense, and emerging technologies capabilities. This extensive IT and security expertise led him to co-author the first DoD technical security guide published in 1994. The guide helped establish the SRG and STIG programs, which remain relevant and widely used today.


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Roger Greenwell: Afternoon Panel Speaker at 5th Annual CIO Summit


Roger Greenwell’s rich professional journey helped him earn a spot among the panel speakers at the 5th Annual CIO Summit. He will be one of the speakers on the panel titled “Mission Success: Navigating Multicloud Strategies.”


The Potomac Officers Club gathers the foremost Chief Information Officers and industry leaders at the 5th Annual CIO Summit. One of the highlights of the event is the discussion and valuable insights among speakers about cybersecurity, generative AI, IT modernization, and multi-cloud policies.


The 5th Annual CIO Summit is one of the must-attend events of the Potomac Officers Club. Click here to become an official POC member and get access to exclusive content from the leading executives of the private and government sectors.


Roger Greenwell’s Industry Contributions


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One of Roger Greenwells’ significant contributions at DISA was his participation in the agency’s plans to utilize and deploy artificial intelligence capabilities for defensive cyber missions in November 2021.


According to Mr. Greenwell, applying AI and machine learning capabilities was crucial for the DISA’s cyber defenders to have accurate real-time visibility of threats. He said that the agency’s initiative to create the Office of the Chief Data Officer enabled better cataloging and understanding of data sources. 


Roger Greenwell leveraged his experience as the Risk Management Executive of the Defense Information Systems Agency to fulfill this program’s goals. Through his active participation, the DISA could get a better grasp of AI tools and solutions to enhance cybersecurity defense and digital transformations of the present and future.


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