Service Design Lead for the OPHDST Victor Udoewa to Speak at a Panel at POC-hosted CX Imperative Forum

Photo of Victor Udoewa/ Elon University

Service Design Lead for the OPHDST Victor Udoewa to Speak at a Panel at POC-hosted CX Imperative Forum

Want to know how the government harnesses technology to promote human-centered design while improving transparency, eliminating inequitable barriers, and safeguarding crucial data? Register here to be a part of  The CX Imperative Forum.


The CX Imperative Forum is an upcoming summit by the Potomac Officers Club. Victor Udoewa, Service Design Lead of the Office of Public Health Data, Surveillance, and Technology (OPHDST), will be a panel speaker at the event.


Learn more about Victor Udoewa’s work background and his active contributions to human-centered design.


An Introduction to Victor Udoewa


Victor Udoewa, Service Design Lead at the OPHDST
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Victor Udoewa is the Service Design Lead of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Office of Public Health Data, Surveillance, and Technology. He has more than 20 years of experience in education, innovative leadership, and civic design—skills crucial to his role as a panel speaker at the CX Imperative Forum.


In his current role, Mr. Udoewa focuses on engineering products and solutions that improve work processes for public sector organizations and user experience for civilians. Throughout his career, he has mastered developing these capabilities for the betterment of private and public institutions.


Before joining the government sector, Victor Udoewa pursued different career paths in the creative realm. Earlier in his professional life, he worked as an actor at the Main Street Theatre Company for less than a year and as a writer at Diseducation for two years. Udoewa also boasts a rich musical background, having been a musician for over 26 years.


That said, Victor Udoewa’s creative career may have helped him understand the beauty and complexity of human design, which is why he made it a mission to craft and improve capabilities that cater to people’s needs, thought processes, and well-being.


Leadership and Professional Background


Victor Udoewa’s extensive experience is built from stints in the public and private sectors. Outlined below are his previous professional roles before becoming the OPHDST’s Service Design Lead:


  • Chief Technical Officer, Chief Experience Officer, and Service Design Lead at NASA, from October 2020 and September 2023
  • Senior Strategist and Designer at CivicActions, from November 2019 to October 2020
  • Director of Strategy at 18F, from June 2018 to November 2019
  • Senior Strategist at 18F, from May 2017 to June 2018
  • Deputy Director of 18F Learn at 18F, from December 2015 to May 2017
  • Global Education Instructional Designer & Training Development Specialist at Google, from January 2012 to September 2015
  • Adjunct Professor of Education at George Washington University, from February  2010 to February 2015
  • Business Development Manager and Global Curriculum Designer at Learn It Live, from September 2011 to December 2011
  • Researcher and Lecturer at the University of Cape Town, from September 2007 to September 2009
  • Instructor at YES Public Prep Schools, from July 2005 to May 2007
  • Director of International Summer Service Program at YISS, from 2005 to 2007
  • Project Manager at Gatesco, from June 1996 to September 1996



Logo of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Official logo/ Center for Disease Control and Prevention


The Office of Public Health Data, Surveillance, and Technology is a platform designed by the CDC to promote robust collaborations with public health data, surveillance, and data modernization. It assembles functions under the Deputy Director for Public Health Science and Surveillance to implement public health missions successfully.


With the mission “to improve the availability and use of public health data to inform decision-making and action,” OPHDST’s main responsibilities encompass the following:


  • Oversee and manage essential public health core data systems, data policy, and technology solutions and tools
  • Advance response-ready data and systems
  • Integrate end-user design principles into the requirements of various CDC programs
  • Set up efforts that enhance access to and dissemination of data for crucial decision-making efforts


In order to execute those responsibilities, OPHDST’s primary focuses are to:


  • Establish an integral public health data strategy
  • Address gaps in the nation’s response readiness through comprehensive and systematic methods
  • Regulate and coordinate public health modernization initiatives across all partners and public health levels
  • Identify which public health goals, key outcomes, and success measures should be prioritized
  • Create a robust public health data ecosystem that improves health outcomes uniformly by promoting these four core values: a.) detect and monitor, b.) investigate and respond, c.) inform and disseminate, and d.) be response-ready


Victor Udoewa, Panel Speaker at the CX Imperative Forum


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Becoming an official POC member also means you’ll get the perks of watching Victor Udoewa deliver his insights at the CX Imperative Forum. He will be joined by other panel speakers, namely Jeffery McLaughlin, Dr. Shankar Rachakonda, and Karen Howard.


Another highlight of attending the CX Imperative Forum is that it will feature Dana Chisnell, Executive Director for the Customer Experience Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), as the keynote speaker.


This POC-hosted summit aims to discuss the importance of harnessing technological capabilities and turning them into human-centered services that cater to civilians’ needs. Added to that, the gathered speakers will talk about redesigning customer experience while protecting user data, enhancing transparency, and eliminating inequitable barriers.

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