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AutogenAI Names Mitchell Sutika-Sipus as Chief Solutions Architect

Mitchell Sutika-Sipus,

Chief Solutions Architect,


AutogenAI Names Mitchell Sutika-Sipus as Chief Solutions Architect

AutogenAI, a London-based global software company focused on artificial intelligence-based writing solutions, has announced the appointment of Mitchell Sutika-Sipus, a former White House Presidential Innovation Fellow, as chief solutions architect. 

Sutika-Sipus will help AutogenAI clients navigate the U.S. federal proposal writing process, utilizing the company’s AI machine-learning platforms and his experience in government regulations compliance, particularly on controlled unclassified information. 

Elizabeth Lukas, CEO for the Americas at AutogenAI and a 4×24 member, expressed confidence not only in Sutika-Sipus’ federal government experience but also in his AI expertise, entrepreneurial mind and strategic vision, AutogenAI said.

A PhD graduate from Carnegie Mellon University, Sutika-Sipus cofounded Tulco Labs to provide data science, AI, and machine learning capabilities to the insurance brokerage industry. 

While pursuing his doctorate, Sutika-Sipus cofounded the robotics technology company Symkala to explore new opportunities in geospatial information systems. Previously, he established the data sciences consultancy firm SSR+D, providing such services as GIS datasets to support operations in Somalia and Afghanistan.

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