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Chuck Schumer: Senate to Release AI Policy Roadmap ‘Within a Few Weeks’

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Chuck Schumer: Senate to Release AI Policy Roadmap ‘Within a Few Weeks’

The Senate’s bipartisan working group on artificial intelligence is expected to release its policy roadmap “within a few weeks” to help Congress better regulate the development and deployment of the technology.

Speaking at the AI Expo for National Competitiveness in Washington on Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said that the AI roadmap will act as the “North Star,” giving the public an idea of the legislative body’s broad framework and broad thrusts.

The working group first convened in September, allowing legislators and tech industry leaders to discuss the impact of AI on national security, bias and the workforce, FedScoop reported.

Schumer emphasized the need for the federal government to be more serious about approaching AI amid threats coming out of Beijing. During the last meeting of the Senate working group, he said that ensuring that the United States remains a leader in AI development gives it a competitive advantage in protecting national security.

To avoid duplicating efforts, the Democratic New York congressman disclosed that his group is collaborating with its counterpart at the House of Representatives and hopes to announce some accomplishments before the end of 2024.

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