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Director: Navy Maintains Strong Security Amid Telework

Director: Navy Maintains Strong Security Amid Telework

The Navy is maintaining vigilance even amid the increase in telework arrangements, according to the branch's cybersecurity director. Rear Adm. Katherine Creighton said the Navy had to adapt to the cultural shift from working in the office to working from home.

She added that the Navy tapped partners from the Department of Defense and from the industry for help in establishing infrastructure that could handle the demand for secure telework, Seapower Magazine reported.  

"We're trying to balance two different priorities. One is keeping our sailors and civilian safe and to enable them to work remotely and second is to ensure operational readiness," she said.

The Navy's network now handles over 150K remote users from only a few thousand before the pandemic, Creighton said.

She said the public health crisis has forced the Navy to accelerate its modernization efforts. While the service is using some temporary systems, Creighton said it plans to fast-track the deployment of permanent ones. 

Creighton said the Navy has not relaxed its cybersecurity standards to protect against cyber enemies who might take advantage of the service's position. 

“There has been no relaxation of any defenses. We are securely connecting with that same network from home,” she said. 

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