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Empower AI CTO Lays Out AI Adoption Obstacles at the Pentagon

Allen Badeau,

Chief Technology Officer,

Empower AI

Empower AI CTO Lays Out AI Adoption Obstacles at the Pentagon

Allen Badeau, the chief technology officer of Empower AI and a 4×24 member, discussed in a recent column how implementing artificial intelligence within Department of Defense networks will require work on authorization and education. He explained that granting advanced privileges to AI will be necessary to support high-security functions such as information processing at the tactical edge.

One suggestion by Badeau involves tasking personnel with managing standard AI tools to build trust in the technology and combat a misconception that such capabilities would take over critical decision-making processes. He also recommended that each agency meet baseline requirements for change management.

Badeau called for the creation of a standard authority to operate process for AI while acknowledging difficulties due to varying criteria per agency. Government organizations can pave the way for clean AI integration by ensuring that software and environments pass security metrics and by shifting to an AI-as-a-service approach, streamlining acquisition, installation and management work, Badeau said in a column Issuu published.

Earlier, Badeau penned an article for Federal News Network outlining a four-step process for AI implementation as part of the government’s information technology modernization efforts.

According to the Empower AI CTO, agencies should enable end-to-end data visibility to ensure quality as volume increases, check that existing business models are compatible with AI, prepare an optimized infrastructure and start with a small-scale effort such as a pilot program.

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