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Erik Raven to Step Down as Navy Undersecretary

Erik Raven,


US Navy

Erik Raven to Step Down as Navy Undersecretary

Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro has confirmed that Erik Raven is departing his post as the military service’s undersecretary in August.

Del Toro, a past Potomac Officers Club event speaker, praised Raven’s leadership in advancing the Department of the Navy’s key priorities and highlighted his dedication to bolstering both the Navy and the Marine Corps in a statement posted by the U.S. Navy.

Throughout his two-year stint, Raven’s significant contributions include the AUKUS security partnership, infrastructure improvement in Guam and enhanced DON’s information management, as well as its business and cyber operations, according to Del Toro.

Raven, who is also a past POC event speaker, served as the Department of the Navy’s chief operating officer and chief management officer, overseeing defense and naval strategy, intelligence, space activities and critical infrastructure.

Before he was nominated undersecretary, Raven advised senators on budget matters related to the Department of Defense and the intelligence community.

Del Toro concluded his statement by expressing gratitude for Raven’s counsel and loyalty, noting the positive impact on national security and the service.

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