POC - 2017 Internet of Things/Emerging Technologies Forum

Summary | POC - 2017 Internet of Things/Emerging Technologies Forum | Potomac Officers Club


The Internet of Things (IoT)—a term used to describe the set of physical objects embedded with sensors or actuators and connected to a network—offers numerous ways for the federal government to streamline services and operations. As we move into this age of interconnectivity, we increasingly face challenges and risks such as security, intelligence gathering and privacy protection.

Join the DoD, NASA, and the FCC as they discuss the solutions to some of the challenges of the Internet of Things/Emerging Technologies.


Thursday, January 26, 2017
7:00am - 9:45am
Eastern Time Zone


2941 Restaurant
2941 Fairview Park Dr
Falls Church, VA 22042



7:00am 8:00am Networking
8:00am 8:10am Welcome and Introductions
8:10am 8:45am Keynote Speaker
Dr. John Pellegrino
8:45am 9:45am Internet of Things/Emerging Technologies Panel
David Bray, Christian Gilbert, Thomas McDermott and Renee Wynn
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