POC - 2nd Annual Space Intelligence Forum

2nd Annual Space Intelligence Forum | Potomac Officers Club

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As the rapid democratization of space continues to accelerate, the United States is eyeing advanced sensors, satellite constellation expansion and cutting-edge commercial technologies for boosting ISR capabilities, increasing situational awareness and ensuring the country’s continued technological and information dominance over a growing roster of actors in space.

Space has seen a significant shift in recent years from a peaceful domain to one that is unpredictable, highly active and even volatile. In response, the federal government is looking to leverage industry innovations in a landmark effort to increase its geospatial intelligence data and keep a watchful eye on potential threats in space.

Join the Potomac Officers Club for its Second Annual Space Intelligence Forum to hear from leading space experts across government and industry as they discuss the priorities, policies, innovations and technologies driving space-based intelligence improvements in today’s constantly evolving environment. 






11:00am 11:05am Welcome & Opening Remarks
11:05am 11:55am Keynote Speaker: Brig. Gen. Gregory Gagnon
Keynote Introducer: Maj. Gen. Clint Crosier (Ret.)
11:55am 12:55pm Leveraging Commercial Space Intelligence Capabilities for the Future Panel: Robert Cardillo and Maj. Gen. Clint Crosier (Ret.) (Moderator), Col Marqus Randall, Nicole Robinson and David Taylor
12:55pm 1:00pm Closing Comments
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