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Artificial Intelligence for Maneuver | Potomac Officers Club

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Future near-peer adversaries will attempt to contest all domains and utilize complex and congested terrain to mitigate current joint force capabilities and reduce effectiveness of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) tactical maneuver elements.  To help deter or defeat peer threats in contested multi-domain environments, the DoD should leverage advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in support of robotic autonomous systems, miniaturized sensors, computing power and storage, and secure autonomous communication networks to create human-machine teams bringing greater precision, certainty, speed and mass to the battlefield. 





8:30am 8:35am Welcome & Introductions
8:35am 9:30am Fireside Chat: Michele Flournoy and Greg Wenzel
9:30am 10:25am Panel: COL John Cochran (panelist), Joel Dillon (moderator), CAPT Christian Dunbar (panelist) and COL Jay Wisham (panelist)
10:25am 10:30am Closing Comments
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