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Space Intelligence Forum | Potomac Officers Club

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As foreign adversaries continue to develop anti-satellite and space-based weaponry, the United States must create innovative and robust space-based sensors to gather critical intelligence. Moreover, these systems must be able to endure intensive cyberattacks and have high operational efficiency. 

In recent years, the Department of Defense (DOD) has made a deliberate effort to rapidly develop and deploy space intelligence sensors that will provide defense leaders with information supremacy and warfighters with tactical advantages over adversaries. 

During Potomac Officers Club’s (POC) Space Intelligence Forum, renowned federal and industry leaders will discuss broadening space-based intelligence, increasing data gathering effectiveness and developing critical modeling and simulation technologies.

Brig. Gen. Gregory Gagnon, director of Intelligence for U.S. Space Command will serve as keynote speaker. He will discuss challenges in gathering and developing space intelligence and how industry can assist DOD organizations in accomplishing space intelligence missions. 

Join our event to learn more about the latest news and opportunities in the burgeoning Aerospace and Defense sectors. 






Welcome & Opening Remarks


Keynote Speaker: Brig. Gen. Gregory Gagnon

Keynote Introducer and Q&A Moderator: Ronald Huntley


Challenges to a 'National Security Space' Intelligence Picture Panel: Ronald Huntley (moderator), Fred Taylor (panelist), Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick (panelist), John Hoffman (panelist), James Chappelear (panelist) and Col R. Greg Brown (panelist)


Closing Comments

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