POC - The Future of Data Management

The Future of Data Management = The Death of Data Silos | Potomac Officers Club

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The future of data management = the death of data silosFrom augmented analytics to AI-driven cloud reservoirs, the future of data management may seem unclear. As agencies invest millions in data infrastructure and data scientists, focus is starting to shift to task automation, secure information sharing, and to future-proofing government systems. This talk will examine current cutting edge data methodologies and look to prepare government agencies for the future of data management.  





10:00am 10:05am Welcome and Introductions
10:05am 10:45am Keynote Speaker: Garrett Berntsen
10:45am 11:55am Panel: Lisa Sanders (panelist), Timothy Ahrens (panelist), Lt Col. Michael McDaniel (panelist) & Deepinder Uppal (moderator)
11:55am 12:00pm Closing Comments
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