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Executive Spotlight: Randy Crow, Sales Leader for Dragos’ Eastern North America & US Federal Government Team

Randy Crow,

Sales Leader,


Executive Spotlight: Randy Crow, Sales Leader for Dragos’ Eastern North America & US Federal Government Team

Randy Crow, a sales leader for Dragos’ eastern North America and U.S. federal government team, spoke recently with the Potomac Officers Club during an Executive Spotlight interview to talk about his leadership strategy, his notable accomplishments and his ideas for enacting change in the federal landscape. In his interview, Crow also recognizes the leaders who have inspired him throughout his career.

What do you believe are your core strengths as a leader and what lessons taught you the most about driving success?

“I make it a point to hire good folks on my team and empower them; I look for folks who are humble, smart, experienced and hungry. In addition, they have to demonstrate that they will be a good and unselfish teammate. I set very high expectations of both myself and my team, and I don’t ask anyone to do something that I wouldn’t do myself. Above all, I value trust, loyalty and collaboration.”

Who are the executives that have inspired you the most over the course of your career?

“Rear Admiral Paul Tobin, who was the first information resources management director in the U.S. Navy prior to the creation of the chief information officer role, has been a notable inspiration to me over the course of my career. I’d also like to recognize the late Tom Caine, a former U.S. Navy captain and my first federal consultant. Finally, I’ve been greatly inspired by my friend, mentor and constant collaborator Jim Hunt, who is the former CEO of Ernst & Young Technology.”

If your career came to an end tomorrow, what would you say have been the most significant accomplishments of your career? Where do you feel you made the most impact?

“I have mentored many folks along the way, and I consider those relationships to be among my most impactful contributions of my career. I’ve spent time enhancing my mentee’s careers, getting them promoted and helping them achieve success on their journeys. I also achieved recognition in the top 10 percent of federal leadership in terms of performance, leadership and networking amongst my peers, which marked a significant accomplishment for me.”

If you were given free reign to enact changes in the federal landscape, what are the first three changes you would implement and why?

“There are several areas in which I would enact changes across the federal landscape. In the financial area, I would centralize all of the wasted efforts on contract vehicles and promote enterprise arrangements over a broad set of technologies. In regards to ethics, I would establish a whistleblower capability to flag abuse by resellers and aggregators. I would change the source selection process by implementing a Value Add component for technically acceptable and low cost awards. Lastly, I would centralize all set asides and create a unified set of rules and regulations for all of them.”

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