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Experimental AI Chatbot for Air Force Servicemen Debuts

Venice Goodwine,

CIO, Department

of the Air Force

Experimental AI Chatbot for Air Force Servicemen Debuts

The Department of the Air Force’s chief information officer has launched an experimental generative artificial intelligence chatbot, called NIPRGPT, on the service branch’s Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network. The new tool is designed to provide Air Force servicemen, employees and contractors the opportunity to ensure the responsible and secure use of generative AI. 

Venice Goodwine, Air Force CIO and an upcoming speaker at the Potomac Officers Club’s 2024 Air Force Summit on July 23, observed that GenAI is “an actively growing field” providing the means for airmen and guardians to further develop their skills, AF .mil reported Monday.

The Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate in Rome, New York, designed NIPRGPT using its Dark Saber ecosystem of airmen and guardians developing next-generation solutions that are rapidly deployable across the service. Available through common access card security, the tool can generate answers to questions and help with such tasks as correspondence, report writing and coding

The NIPRGPT project seeks to experiment with GenAI use in a real-world setting and examine such key metrics as computing efficiency, security compliance and resource deployment. It includes a feedback mechanism to support the development of GenAI policies and promote dialogs with vendors, as the department moves toward adopting the technology in its operations. The program’s learnings will help make the technology’s future implementation effective and efficient.   

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