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Potomac Officers Club Events

Intelligence Community Technology in the Digital Era Forum

Intelligence Community Technology in the Digital Era Forum

Location: 2941 Restaurant

When: TBD

Starts at: 7:00am

Ends at: 10:00am

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The Potomac Officers Club hosts between 20 and 25 events each year, featuring leaders in the private and public sectors and government officials. Event speakers discuss government contracting headlines and trends for the benefit of its exclusive members. 

One type of event, POC Breakfasts, are three-hour events that begin with a networking reception followed by a keynote address and panel discussion. POC Summits are half-day events that also begin with a networking reception but are followed by up to four keynote speeches and up to two panel discussions. 

Annual events

POC holds several series of annual events: the Annual Army Forum, Defense R&D Summit, AI Summit, Intel Summit, Cybersecurity Summit and Border Protection Summit.

  • The Army-Department of Defense Forum is an annual event that POC has held since 2016. Inaugurated on April 20, 2016, the yearly event tackles the Army’s modernization priorities, the mission and vision of the service’s programs and how industry can help the military achieve its goals.
  • The Defense R&D Summit is an annual event the POC has hosted since Nov. 30, 2016. POC invites leaders from the Department of Defense for them to discuss the private sector’s role in developing new technologies for the military. 

  • First held on Feb. 13, 2019, The Artificial Intelligence Summit's objective is to keep POC members up to date on the evolution of artificial intelligence technologies, which are becoming increasingly relevant in every corner of the government contracting sector. 
  • POC hosts the annual Intel Summit to gain insights into industry’s priorities for intelligence agencies. Intel Summit’s objective is to explore how the environment is changing for the Intelligence Community as the organization responds to the emergence of innovative technologies. 

  • The Cybersecurity Summit is held to provide in-depth government insights from the private and public sectors. POC invites thought leaders to explore how the government can improve its data security measures to counter constantly evolving information technology threats.
  • The Border Protection Summit is an annual event held to discuss the government’s efforts to leverage next-generation technologies for monitoring the United States’ borders. POC invites leaders and private and public sectors to share their insights on how industry can support the administration’s border security initiatives.

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