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Intelligence CIO Suggests Wider Recruitment to Land Top Cyber Talent

Adelle Merritt,

Chief Information Officer,


Intelligence CIO Suggests Wider Recruitment to Land Top Cyber Talent

U.S. intelligence agencies looking for the most qualified cyber professionals should extend their search beyond the Washington, D.C., Beltway, according to Adele Merritt, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s chief information officer. 

Merritt, a speaker at a past Potomac Officers Club event, underscored during an Intelligence and National Security Alliance event on Thursday the importance of a broader search, noting that the 18 national intelligence agencies are “all competing for the same resources.” 

She also observed that talent prospects are available throughout the United States and interested in working for the intelligence community, Nextgov/FCW reported.

Engaging with college students to whet their interest in the intelligence community’s work is one way of broadening the IC’s talent pool, Merritt said, emphasizing that cybersecurity is not only for computer science majors. Addressing cybersecurity problems does not just require computer scientists but also “folks with a variety of backgrounds,” she added.

The CIO pointed out that explaining the basics to students, like hiring portals and preparing resumes for government jobs, is important for prospective hires to fully understand their technical capabilities and the opportunities their skills offer. 

Other intelligence and defense officials echo her view, as can be seen in the National Security Agency’s flexible workday initiative to recruit over 2,500 workers.

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