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Iridium Secures $94M Space Force Contract for Communications Services

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Iridium Secures $94M Space Force Contract for Communications Services

The Commercial Space Office within the U.S. Space Force’s Space Systems Command has awarded Iridium Communications a five-year contract worth $94 million to provide enhanced mobile satellite services capabilities and security sustainment services.

The contract, named ECS3, supports Iridium’s EMSS program and seeks to ensure the continued operation of the EMSS Service Center, an infrastructure that provides essential communication services or the Department of Defense and its approved users worldwide, Iridium said.

Under the EMSS program, Iridium aims to deliver secure and standard narrowband voice, broadcast, push-to-talk and other services globally, supporting critical U.S. government applications by enabling connectivity through the Iridium network.

Scott Scheimreif, Iridium’s executive vice president of government programs, highlighted the company’s long-term partnership with the DOD and emphasized the importance of the contract in sustaining vital communication services for military operations.

Scheimreif, a 4×24 member, added that the contract aligns with the Space Force’s Commercial Space Strategy, which leverages private sector innovation to meet defense requirements, and expressed the company’s commitment to upholding its partnership with the service branch under the new strategy.

The contract amount could reach $103 million based on future requirements.

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