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John Gilmore, Executive Director for Innovative Solutions at ManTech

John Gilmore

Executive Director


John Gilmore, Executive Director for Innovative Solutions at ManTech

John Gilmore is ManTech’s executive director for Innovative Solutions, in charge of the development of technology services that focus on the use of digital transformation in support of the warfighter mission. 

He leads a unit responsible for process transformation, data analytics, robotic process automation, offensive and defensive cybersecurity, DevSecOps, hybrid cloud architectures and cloud migration. 

During his tenure, the company launched the Space Range, the latest cybersecurity solution that integrates research into offensive cyber to protect space assets from cyberattacks. 

Space Range is a reusable cybersecurity service meant to use a software-defined infrastructure model. The tool tests vulnerabilities in terrestrial and orbital networks by developing exact models.

The system includes physics-based traffic shaping and link modeling, multiple processor architectures and seamless integration of physical hardware-in-the-loop. 

Space Range allows its users to train their cyber professionals to respond to real-world cyber threats such as malware, denial of service attacks, command intrusion and payload hijacking.

Before joining the company in June 2019, Gilmore served as director for solutions architecture at Unisys, leading the multi-vendor integration teams for global complex enterprise solution development efforts. 

Previously, he spent more than eight years serving as the director for the office of the chief technology officer at General Dynamics. During his stint, he offered advisory services to the CIO/CTO based on real-world implementation experience and supported business development by contributing technical expertise. 

Gilmore was the regional vice president at Quint Wellington Redwood from January 2008 to May 2009. For over a year, he conducted training and simulations and supported consulting engagements for Dell, Proctor & Gamble, State Department, MedImmune, Mississippi Medical Center, Bearing Point, Medtronic, Canadian Revenue Agency, Internal Revenue Service and the United States Marine Corps

He holds licenses and certifications from the APM Group, the Project Management Institute and AWS Elemental.  

Gilmore earned his master’s degree in business administration focusing on economics, finance and marketing from public research university William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

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