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Kraken to Upgrade USVs With BlueHalo’s Autonomous Mission Systems

Jonathan Moneymaker,



Kraken to Upgrade USVs With BlueHalo’s Autonomous Mission Systems

BlueHalo will integrate its autonomous mission systems powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning into Kraken’s vessels, including the K3 Scout unmanned surface vessel, the K4 Manta uncrewed surface-subsurface vehicle and the K5 Kraken gunship.

According to BlueHalo CEO Jonathan Moneymaker, a 4×24 member and a past Wash100 awardee, the effort is part of its long-term strategic vision to expand into the maritime domain. 

As part of a partnership, the vessels will also be equipped with the Titan and SkyView radio frequency-based counter-uncrewed aircraft system technologies to provide mobile, maritime unmanned aerial system detect and defeat capabilities, BlueHalo said

The AI-enabled autonomous systems will serve as core components of the Kraken USV and USSV to maintain situational awareness, provide directions to the autonomous maritime controller, enable multivessel swarming and support hybrid maritime and land marsupial operations. 

“The ability to rapidly and seamlessly adapt current leading technologies to adjacent domains allows us to out-innovate adversaries and extend BlueHalo’s ring of protection,” Moneymaker said.

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