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CIA to Integrate Generative AI to Help Humans, Chief AI Officer Says

Lakshmi Raman,

Chief AI Officer,


CIA to Integrate Generative AI to Help Humans, Chief AI Officer Says

The CIA’s chief artificial intelligence officer said generative AI should be a key part of the agency’s operations but not replace humans.

According to Lakshmi Raman, the CIA needs to augment AI training across the entire workforce so they understand how the technology can help them. She also said that the agency will use generative AI to support work done by human analysts, particularly by managing the large volumes of data the agency uses.

The official noted that the agency has made significant strides in using large language models to manage open-source data, adding that the organization will continue monitoring AI implementation to prevent misuse, Federal News Network reported.

U.S. government agencies have been increasingly integrating generative AI to improve their operations.

In November, Susan Monarez, deputy director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health, said officials are using generative AI to streamline internal operations. According to Monarez, generative AI helps officials process large volumes of data and improve how the agency manages its resources.

In October, Gary Buchanan, chief information officer of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, announced plans for the organization to use generative AI to handle up to petabytes of cybersecurity-related data.

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