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Adlumin Supports Defense Contractors With New CMMC Assessment Tool

CMMC assessment


Adlumin Supports Defense Contractors With New CMMC Assessment Tool

Security and compliance automation firm Adlumin has introduced a new assessment tool designed for U.S. defense contractors required to comply with the Pentagon’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program.

Through the CMMC assessment tool, users will be able to gauge their progress in achieving the CMMC level that is appropriate for their organization or the level that they seek to achieve, Adlumin said Tuesday.

The platform includes a dashboard that provides an overview of a Department of Defense contractor’s compliance level across all of the 17 domains of the CMMC program.

Users of the assessment tool will also have visualizations that will allow them to identify gaps in their process and practice maturity level attainment.

Another feature is the ability to “note and manage tasks” that are crucial in improving contractors’ cybersecurity maturity.

Additionally, Adlumin’s CMMC assessment tool provides on-demand reports that show a snapshot of defense companies’ current compliance levels.

The assessment tool can be accessed through Adlumin’s patented advanced security and compliance automation platform, which was specifically built for companies that require cybersecurity solutions and reporting tools.

In a statement, Adlumin Engineering Vice President Dan McQuade said that developing the new CMMC assessment solution into the firm’s platform delivers “greater capabilities” to customers and partners for them to assess their cybersecurity standing.

“We are aware of the complexity of CMMC, so our goal was to create an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that walks users through the assessment process, making it straightforward for them to achieve their ultimate compliance goals,” McQuade explained.

The CMMC program consists of the new cybersecurity standards that government contractors need to comply with to continue doing business with the DOD. The defense industrial base, which consists of around 300,000 companies, is required to undergo program certification.

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