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Digital Modernization

AFMC Launches Digital Transformation Office to Accelerate Modernization

Digital modernization

AFMC Launches Digital Transformation Office to Accelerate Modernization

The Air Force Materiel Command has launched a 12-member office focused on growing the Air Force’s digital governance and digital acquisition activities.

Operating under the AFMC Engineering and Technical Management Directorate, the new Digital Transformation Office has broader and less specialized responsibilities than other digital-focused divisions in the command, AFMC said in a press release.

The DTO’s newly appointed director, James Kyle Hurst, said the office’s scope spans the Air Force’s entire acquisition management life cycle.

“This office is the first organization that will stand-up from an enterprise-wide perspective to address digital needs with a long-term perspective in mind,” Hurst added.

AFMC established the DTO in line with Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Brown’s push toward modernizing and encouraging innovation across the military branch.

The office’s 12 new positions are part of the 300 that AFMC opened up to support software innovation factories, the Advanced Battle Management System and AFWERX.

AFWERX is a small business program aimed at fostering innovation in the Air Force community and accelerating the commercialization of emerging technology.

In June 2020, AFMC led the launch of the Air Force’s Digital Campaign, an effort to provide modern digital capabilities to Air Force data specialists.

AFMC also expects the Digital Campaign to allow developers to create new capabilities at the speed of relevance in support of airmen.

Hurst claimed that AFMC is currently fielding new capabilities at a slower pace than its near-peer competitors.

“We need to make sure we’re not delivering yesterday’s technology to tomorrow’s fight,” he added.

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