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AFRL Launches New Effort to Support Digital Transformation

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AFRL Launches New Effort to Support Digital Transformation

The Air Force Research Laboratory launched the first Digital Accelerator for Research Transformation effort during an event on June 30.

DART 1.0 is an online library that contains new products, capabilities and solutions that support digital transformation efforts. The offerings are available to the workforce on a quarterly basis.

Michael Gregg, the director of digital transformation at AFRL, said DART 1.0 is the first step in allowing the organization to deliver improvements to the workforce on a consistent basis. He shared that the organization will continue engaging with employees to help them solve problems and improve service delivery.

The program launch started with a tour of AFRL’s Aerospace Systems Directorate to know about its daily operations. After the tour, developers and engineers were able to provide overviews and entertain questions about what is included in DART 1.0, AFRL said.

Pamela Kobryn, the chief engineer of the AFRL Digital War Room, said the basic premise of DART 1.0 is to help employees solve problems more easily and ensure that everyone involved understands the purpose of undergoing digital transformation. She explained that the best scenario is when the library is able to provide a solution that was used to solve a problem.

The organization’s digital transformation campaign is focused on streamlining operations by using data and information integration. AFRL wants to achieve this through modern methods, digital processes and updated tools and IT infrastructure.

Digital transformation is one of the key points of focus for the Department of the Air Force.

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