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Air Force Designates PANDA Predictive Maintenance Tool as CBM+ System of Record

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Air Force Designates PANDA Predictive Maintenance Tool as CBM+ System of Record

The U.S. Air Force Rapid Sustainment Office has designated a piece of artificial intelligence-powered software as its first Condition Based Maintenance Plus and predictive maintenance system of record.

The Predictive Analysis and Decision Assistant is an AI software toolkit developed by the RSO and C3 AI that brings technologies and information infrastructure to facilitate CBM+ collaboration across multiple organizations. It also uses AI to convert logistics data into actionable preventive maintenance information.

PANDA is being used for the preventive maintenance operations of at least 16 aircraft platform communities across all Air Force major commands and generates over 30,000 recommendations and alerts, the U.S. Air Force said.

A video from the Air Force explained that PANDA can provide information on aircraft component health, remaining useful life and supply posture. It also enhances user experience, enables organic analysis and unifies CBM+ applications. PANDA is stored in the Cloud One environment.

C3 AI received continuous authority to operate from the Air Force in March 2022 for the CBM+ Program. The continuous ATO allows C3 AI to deploy AI and machine learning solutions on Air Force environments, speed up applications development for the service and use near-real-time data for maintenance and logistics purposes.

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