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Air Force Kessel Run Introduces New DevSecOps Procurement Vehicle

New contract vehicle

Air Force Kessel Run Introduces New DevSecOps Procurement Vehicle

The U.S. Air Force’s Kessel Run team has unveiled a new procurement vehicle for acquiring commercially available DevSecOps capabilities.

The umbrella Commercial Solutions Opening vehicle is designed to allow federal and industry stakeholders to deliver commercial DevSecOps technologies directly to warfighters. According to a federal contracting announcement issued by Kessel Run officials, CSO will be amended each time the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center issues calls for innovative solutions.

The new contracting vehicle will use expedited and simplified processes wherever and whenever possible. Officials also highlighted possible call structures and submission processes for potential short- and long-term collaboration.

While there is no ceiling for the contract, officials suggested that awards are not likely to exceed $100 million each, DefenseScoop reported.

Officials wrote in the announcement that CSO will remain open until Sept. 30, 2027. Instructions on how to submit requests will be issued “as specific requirements arise,” officials said.

Kessel Run did not provide specific information on potential technology-aligned areas of interest or an anticipated timeline for CSO.

DevSecOps is a software engineering approach that is central to Kessel Run’s mission of accelerating military software deployments. DevSecOps is a concept where application and infrastructure security is integrated into rapid solutions development.

According to a strategy released by the DOD Chief Information Officer’s Office in March 2021, DevSecOps allows the agency to reduce technology production times, increase deployment frequency, reduce change-fail rates, automate risk management and integrate cybersecurity into all offerings.

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