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Air Force Secretary Nominee Commits Support to Ongoing Space Force Plans

Frank Kendall

Secretary Nominee

US Air Force

Air Force Secretary Nominee Commits Support to Ongoing Space Force Plans

Frank Kendall, President Joe Biden’s pick for Air Force secretary, said at his confirmation hearing that he intends to support the Space Force’s ongoing efforts in standing up units and acquiring new systems.

Kendall, who is poised to become the highest ranked civilian leader of both the Air Force and the Space Force, testified before members of the Senate Armed Services Committee alongside other nominees for top spots at the Department of Defense.

He recognized the importance of the nascent service branch to national security and welcomed the opportunity to ensure its success, SpaceNews reported Tuesday.

Upon his confirmation, Kendall vowed to evaluate the plans that are being implemented to further the growth of the Space Force.

One of Kendall’s potential responsibilities is establishing a separate office for a civilian space acquisition executive.

Despite his doubts about the need for the position, he assured lawmakers that a qualified individual will be appointed to fulfill the role and be given the necessary resources to be successful.

Asked about the DOD’s space strategy, Kendall said he endorsed the current posture viewing Russia and China as the country’s adversaries in the space domain.

Kendall is the second cabinet nominee for the military services. He was announced as Biden’s Air Force secretary nominee in late April.

Previously, he served as the undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics under the Obama administration. In that role, he was tasked with increasing the DOD’s buying power and improving the performance of the defense acquisition enterprise.

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