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Airship AI Secures DOJ Contract for Outpost AI Edge Services

Advanced data processing

Airship AI Secures DOJ Contract for Outpost AI Edge Services

The Department of Justice has awarded Airship AI Holdings a multimillion-dollar contract for its Outpost AI edge services.

Airship AI’s Outpost AI devices provide advanced data processing capabilities at the network’s edge, allowing for real-time analysis, encryption and transmission of video and metadata, Airship AI said.

The system offers an additional layer of flexibility by enabling users to define specific rules and filters for object classification and identification. For instance, users can distinguish between various vehicle types and capture specific details like make, model, color and license plate data.

All processed data are then securely encrypted and streamed back to Airship AI’s Acropolis Enterprise Sensor Management, where it undergoes further management and real-time notifications.

According to Airship AI President Paul Allen, the DOJ’s decision was influenced by Outpost AI’s ability to structure data at the edge and securely transmit it back to the cloud for central management, which proved to be a critical factor for the DOJ’s existing and emerging investigative requirements.

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