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Analogic Wins $781M TSA Deal for Airport Checkpoint Explosives Detectors

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Analogic Wins $781M TSA Deal for Airport Checkpoint Explosives Detectors

Massachusetts-headquartered Analogic Corporation announced that the Transportation Security Administration has placed two orders for the acquisition and maintenance of ConneCT airport checkpoint screening systems. The products will be used to screen carry-on items at TSA checkpoints and will form part of a larger effort to improve checkpoint security screening at United States airports, Analogic said Wednesday.

In a statement, the company said the two awards have a combined value of $781.2 million. The amount covers the cost of purchasing and maintaining up to 469 bases as well as 469 full-size ConneCT computed tomography checkpoint security screening systems.

Tom Ripp, chief executive officer of Analogic, said the TSA deal marks the first step in the transformation of aviation checkpoints amid efforts to balance tight security with delivering a positive passenger experience.

On its website, Analogic described the ConneCT system as an advanced aviation security explosive detection system. The company said that its offering provides high-resolution imaging to significantly reduce false alarms.

Analogic said that its technology allows airport security personnel to permit passengers to leave approved liquids and electronics in their bags at the screening checkpoints, reducing the need for passengers to pull all their belongings from their luggage. The company added that this level of passenger convenience is made possible through a combination of 3-D imaging and advanced explosive threat detection software.

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