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Argonne, RIKEN Partner for AI Advancements in Science

Scientific applications

Argonne, RIKEN Partner for AI Advancements in Science

The Argonne National Laboratory and Japan’s RIKEN research institute have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on advancements in artificial intelligence for scientific applications.

During a virtual event, Argonne President Paul Kearns and RIKEN President Makoto Gonokami signed the agreement, signifying shared interests in developing and assessing new computing system software and science and engineering applications, including generative AI models, Argonne said.

The MOU facilitates the exchange of researchers between the institutions, fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration. Furthermore, both parties will co-host seminars and symposia, and promote the exchange of scientific datasets and research materials.

Both Argonne and RIKEN are actively involved in the AuroraGPT project, which strives to train large language models specifically on scientific data, and are also key players in the Trillion Parameter Consortium, a global initiative dedicated to developing trustworthy and reliable AI for scientific discovery.

Kearns emphasized the significance of the partnership, stating that it has the potential to drive groundbreaking discoveries and transformative progress while Gonokami stressed the responsibility of researchers today to ensure that generative AI contributes to the well-being of all humanity. 

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