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ARPA-H Establishes Hub-and-Spoke Network to Accelerate Health Innovation


ARPA-H Establishes Hub-and-Spoke Network to Accelerate Health Innovation

The Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health has launched a nationwide health innovation network, called ARPANET-H, consisting of three regional hubs and spokes in various U.S. locations. 

ARPA-H has selected Advanced Technology International and VentureWell to facilitate the customer experience hub in Texas and the investor catalyst hub in Massachusetts, respectively. 

The agency will directly manage the stakeholder and operations hub. The center’s final site has yet to be identified but its location will be adjacent to intergovernmental partners and stakeholders, ARPA-H said.

At least 10 spokes are already operational in some states, with plans to set up more facilities in additional urban and rural sites. Private, public and nonprofit organizations with relevant capabilities are invited to apply as a spoke.

Renee Wegrzyn, director of ARPA-H, said the agency aims to establish a 50-state network to support health innovation nationwide, making ARPA-H funding accessible to universities, companies and non-traditional performers developing breakthrough technologies. 

“By using a hub-and-spoke model, we’re creating efficiencies that we could not otherwise achieve, including reaching patients, providers, and other stakeholders quickly,” he added.

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