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ARPA-H Using Generative AI for Internal Operations Improvements

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ARPA-H Using Generative AI for Internal Operations Improvements

The Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health’s deputy director said officials are using generative artificial intelligence to streamline internal operations and are looking at how to implement the technology across the health ecosystem.

Speaking at an Association for Federal Information Resources Management webinar, Susan Monarez shared that generative AI helps officials process large volumes of data and use them to improve how ARPA-H retains and improves its workforce and manages its resources. She added that generative AI will allow the agency to gain insights across the health ecosystem, which it can use to accelerate various programs and initiatives.

The deputy director also alluded to generative AI’s ability to support patient data integration, develop and support health care tools and streamline administrative services, Federal News Network reported Tuesday.

Generative AI is making rounds across the U.S. government, with several agencies envisioning various uses for the technology.

In October, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency announced plans to use the technology for cybersecurity data management. In September, the Government Accountability Office started working on an AI model that could automate report queries and information retrieval.

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