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AvaWatz to Provide DHS With Platform for Training High-Accuracy ML Models

Machine learning

AvaWatz to Provide DHS With Platform for Training High-Accuracy ML Models

The Department of Homeland Security has awarded AvaWatz a contract to access the company’s Genie advanced data label generation platform for training high-accuracy machine learning models.

According to Rajini Anachi, CEO of AvaWatz, Genie can support the agency’s mission-critical use cases requiring high-performance artificial intelligence.

The platform features a suite of solutions to enhance the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of training processes for machine learning models and eliminate the “long tail problem,” which refers to the significant increase in cost and time needed to improve higher levels of model accuracy, AvaWatz said.

The company explained that Genie minimizes the time and cost required for high-accuracy model training using intelligent data labeling and dataset preparation capabilities to address the problem.

Genie is designed to support sectors demanding high-accuracy AI, including health care, the autonomous vehicle industry and aviation.

“Whether protecting national security, saving lives through medical imaging or ensuring safe transportation, Genie provides a powerful defensive solution against AI failure modes,” Anachi said.

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