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BigBear.ai’s Troy Earns ‘Awardable’ Status on DOD’s Tradewinds Marketplace

Reverse engineering

BigBear.ai’s Troy Earns ‘Awardable’ Status on DOD’s Tradewinds Marketplace

BigBear .ai’s Troy, an artificial intelligence-powered workflow engine, has received “Awardable” status on the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office’s Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace.

The designation allows government agencies to procure Troy, designed to streamline and accelerate binary reverse engineering, directly from the marketplace, BigBear said.

Binary reverse engineering, a technique crucial for tasks such as malware analysis and vulnerability research, is often a complex and time-consuming process. BigBear said Troy addresses the issue by automating the process and providing specialists with deeper insights and improved guidance.

Through a modular and customizable approach, the AI-powered solution helps cybersecurity professionals discover vulnerabilities more efficiently, according to the decision intelligence solutions provider.

Zach Casper, BigBear vice president of engineering, said Troy significantly expedites vulnerability research and enhances precision in the reverse engineering process, emphasizing the company’s commitment to developing advanced security solutions.

Troy is an addition to six products with “Awardable” status offered by BigBear.ai on the Tradewinds platform.

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