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Canada Completes Test of US-Owned Joint Warfighter SATCOM System

Mobile User Objective


Canada Completes Test of US-Owned Joint Warfighter SATCOM System

The U.S. Space Force’s Space Systems Command has announced that Canada is the first partner nation to access an ultra-high-frequency satellite communications system for connecting joint warfighters worldwide through adverse environmental conditions.

The Mobile User Objective System features stronger performance and reduced signal interference over older systems, SSC said Thursday.

Under the Tactical Narrowband SATCOM – Geosynchronous project, Canada’s Department of National Defense conducted voice and data communications with MUOS using AN/PRC-117G terminals. According to SSC, the partner nation made point-to-point calls between two terminals using Push-to-Talk and Push-to-Connect technology and demonstrated chat, email, file transfer and group call capabilities with Point-to-Net services.

The test also saw a team in Ottawa complete a call with the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure laboratory in San Diego.

Scott Mackenzie, TNS-GEO project manager at Canada’s DND, said the test showcased teamwork with the United States and could indicate success at a formal demonstration in March.

In early 2024, the Space Force released a solicitation for a project to add two satellites to its MUOS constellation.

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