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Capgemini Joins DARPA Project to Support Carbon Capture Through Quantum Computing

Quantum tech partnership

Capgemini Joins DARPA Project to Support Carbon Capture Through Quantum Computing

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency will work with Capgemini Government Solutions to explore quantum computing applications in carbon capture and storage

The collaborative project is under the Imagining Practical Applications for a Quantum Tomorrow program of DARPA’s Advanced Research Concepts. It will provide the agency access to the company’s global engineering talent to pinpoint advanced technologies with the potential for rapid digital innovation and breakthroughs, Capgemini said Wednesday.

The company added that the Capgemini expertise that the IMPAQT program will activate includes a team of research specialists in quantum and computational chemistry with quantum computing proficiency in applied modeling and simulation for metal organic frameworks. 

Capgemini also maintains a quantum lab with a global network to support exploring the technology’s potential and developing strategies for its adoption.

Khalid Sebti, managing director of Capgemini Engineering in the Americas, said collaborating with DARPA allows the company to join the U.S. government in advancing sustainability to “promote a greener future.”

In October, DARPA also selected California-based startup BlueQubit to participate in the IMPAQT program, with the development focus on machine learning algorithms for Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum devices.

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