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Pentagon CDAO Deems Primer Technologies’ AI Platforms ‘Awardable’

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Pentagon CDAO Deems Primer Technologies’ AI Platforms ‘Awardable’

Primer Technologies has announced that its products were rated “awardable” by the Department of Defense’s Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office.

The Primer Delta and Primer Command AI platforms, available on the CDAO’s Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace, allow military personnel to access and analyze their unstructured data sources and enhance decision-making capabilities. Both products, currently used by U.S. government and commercial entities, offer strategic analysis and real-time threat detection, Primer said Tuesday.

According to Primer CEO Sean Moriarty, the solutions’ availability on Tradewinds would grant national security and military organizations immediate access to critical technologies that would give the U.S. a competitive advantage.

The CDAO has been issuing awardable statuses to companies with AI technologies that can benefit warfighters.

In mid-October, the office granted NUTS Technologies an awardable status for its Generative AI Encryption at the Edge solution, which automatically protects users’ generative AI intelligence requests. Earlier in the month, TurbineOne announced that the CDAO added its Frontline Perception System, which detects threats using computer-generated algorithms, to the Tradewinds marketplace after securing an awardable status.

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