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CISA Guide Offers Operational Security Guide for Elections

Operational security

CISA Guide Offers Operational Security Guide for Elections

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has issued its “Guide to Operational Security for Election Officials” to strengthen election infrastructure security in time for the upcoming elections.

The guide details operational security principles in the election context, identifies potential risks and offers mitigation strategies, CISA said.

The agency urges election officials to incorporate OPSEC principles, which involve protecting sensitive information and capabilities within an organization, into its daily operations to foster a culture of security awareness.

Through the guide, CISA advises viewing data from an adversary’s perspective to reduce unauthorized disclosures while maintaining electoral transparency.

The document also lists the benefits of training election workers in OPSEC principles and provides real-world examples and preventative measures to enhance the security of the election process.

According to Cait Conley, CISA special adviser for election security, the agency offers training programs for election workers to learn more about secure practices, incident response and deescalation techniques.

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