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CISA Releases Guidance on Implementing Encrypted DNS

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CISA Releases Guidance on Implementing Encrypted DNS

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has issued guidance to federal civilian agencies on implementing encrypted domain name system protocols.

Titled “Encrypted Domain Name System Implementation Guidance,” the guideline is designed to improve IT networks’ cybersecurity and aligns with the Office of Management and Budget’s memorandum that promotes a zero trust security approach for government agencies, CISA said.

The CISA guidance helps agencies encrypt DNS traffic where technically feasible and comply with the mandatory use of CISA’s Protective DNS service for outbound DNS resolution. It covers various network environments, including cloud deployments and mobile devices.

The document also equips agencies with resources such as implementation checklists and technical references to navigate the new requirements. While designed for federal agencies, CISA said the guidance offers valuable benchmarks for other organizations considering zero trust security measures.

Eric Goldstein, CISA’s executive assistant director for cybersecurity, highlighted the guide’s role in aiding agencies’ transition to zero trust security and stressed CISA’s commitment to collaborating with agencies to ensure a successful and secure modernization of federal cybersecurity efforts.

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